Built Project

Starting date:          June 2014

Finish date:             June 2015

Location:                 Salou

Developer:              Privat client

Technical Information

Berenguer de Palou


Located in the center of Salou, the four houses are set in a cube of 12x12x12 with a vertical core protruding from the facade.


It is a new construction project located on a small plot in the center of Salou. There are four apartments, one per floor, creating a proportion of cube that provides balance.


It wants to highlight the vertical core through the differentiation of the material and also for its outstanding position compared to the rest of the volume.


The facade is solved with brick masonry, with the exception of the south facade, which for reasons of sunscreen as well as functionality, is solved with a cantilever. This allows the existence of a balcony in each house protected by metal sliding doors.


The interior is develop with a central piece around which the other spaces are arranged. In this way, the space lost by the dealer is minimized while all the other parts can face outside.

Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Project Manager: Sergi Balsells

Engineer: Josep Maria Delmuns

Photographer: Alba Vallvè


Under construction
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