Three apartments in the centre of Vila-seca

Located in the historic center of Vila-seca we rehabilitate a very narrow construction building.

Technical Information

Built Project

Starting Date:      Abril 2014

Finish Date:         Setembre 2014

Location:              Vila-seca (Tarragona)

Developer:           Privat client


Arquitectes: VVArquitectura

Arquitecte tècnic: Sergi Balsells

Fotografia: Pineda Vallvè



It's a rehabilitation project of a residential building. It consists of a local ground floor and three storey housing. The most significant characteristic is the narrow construction that composes the building, along with the central location of the staircase which determines the distribution of the sleeping area on the main façade and the living area to the rear. We decided to remove all inner division creating a diaphanous kitchen and eliminating the corridors. Each house has a small terrace created from the defragmentation from the rear.

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