CLEARING    ˈkli(ə)riNG'


  1. Clear foliage through which the light.

  2. Space without trees in a fores.

  3. TEXTILE defect that sometimes occur when tissues in certain areas have less density than normal past

Technical Information

Temporary exhibition  

Exhibition:                  9-17th of May 2015

Competition:              Temps de flors 2015

Place:                           Girona

Developer:                  Girona City Council




Alba Vallvè Salas (VVArquitectura)

Pineda Vallvè Salas (VVArquitectura)

Maria José Salgado (Architect)

Joaquim Creus Prats (engineer)





We start from the nature / architecture relationship where the clear will be the link through metaphor. The clearing in the forest is where the sunlight arrives and allows the blossoming of nature showing an explosion of life and feelings.
We geometrize the nature to transport to Girona's courtyard by a cubic structure of iron, which serves as support to evoke the trees in a forest.
In the gesture of materializing the idea we decided to use green threads (logs in the forest) and white (sunlight) as conceptual reason that transport us into a space of calm and peace, a clearing in the forest.
The textile definition of the word clearing (the lowest density of a tissue) is more than suggestive to chose the cotton as materializer element of the proposal.
Gaura lindheimeri is the flower chosen for its anarchic beauty, with high density of foliage in his lowest part and a long stalks where blunt its delicate flowers

2015-05-09 13.57.jpg
2015-05-09 13.56.jpg