Corporate Office Space

Respecting the preexisting quality, the project keeps the duality of materials and colors, white and oak wood in order to empower it, at the time an open and warm space is created

Tecnhical Information

Built Project

Starting Date:          July 2014

Ending Date:           September 2014

Location:                 Barcelona

Developer:              Privat


Interior Design: VVArquitectura

Photographer: Alba Vallvè


The Office Space Project in Balmes is an Interior Design project that modifies the space’s use from residential to office space.


The client’s main need was the versatility of the spaces of temporary use, which must host small meetings, be a working space and also a meeting space for up to 12 people. This space had to include, of course, all the resources required to host virtual meetings.


Creating a flexible connection between direction and the versatile meeting room becomes of high importance. To solve this need, two strategies are used. A partition wall is knocked down to create a larger space, and sliding doors are installed to allow a more flexible use of the space.


Furniture and lighting are chosen based on this two main requirements and they empower the space: the luminosity of the space and the materials used, timber furniture, with baseboard and hard wood floors. To be consistent, the colors used in the project are limited to white and oak wooden details. This decision empowers the intrinsic space qualities.  



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