Located in the historic center of Vila-Seva, the hotel Raval de la Mar, positions its hotel rooms by its 3 freestanding façades, achieving visual diversity and environment integration.

new development


interior design/

ephemeral architeture

Located in the center of Salou, the four houses are set in a cube of 12x12x12 with a vertical core protruding from the facade.

Inspiration for this project comes from the ceramic roof vaults and beams. This inspiration will set the character of the intervention

Rehabilitation, subdivision and change of use, Barcelona

Located in the historic center of Vila-seca we rehabilitate a very narrow construction building.

3 apartments, historical center of Vila-seca  

The Office Space Project in Balmes is an Interior Design project that modifies the space’s use from residential to office space.

  1. Clear foliage through which the light.

  2. Space without trees in a fores.

  3. TEXTILE defect that sometimes occur when tissues in certain areas have less density than normal past