Building Technical Inspection (Inspecció Tècnica de l'Edifici):


If you live on a farm with more than 45 years old contact us so we carried out a technical inspection and t'assesorem in resolving the pathologies that the property has developed over the years.

Cèdula d’Habitabilitat
Other services

Energy certifications (Certificacions Energètiques)


We realize energy certifications of buildings, homes or offices. Contact us to arrange a visit.

A certificate of occupancy is an administrative document certifying that a home meets the minimum conditions of habitability, according to Decree 141/2012 and taking into account the date on which it was built, ie, certifies that it is suitable for was sent to the residence of people.


- Planimetric surveys


- Technical Projects


- Changes of use


- IIT: Reports Technical Approval


- Feasibility studies


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