La Terrassa

Reconversión de una antiga caseta en un espacio de luz y sombras. Rediseño de una terraza y un bar de un hotel.

Technical Information

Project under construction

Starting Date:            Gener 2017

Finish date:                under construction

Location:                    Vila-seca

Developer:                 Privat client


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Photographer: VVArquitectura


In the process of renovation and constant improvement of a hotel complex, it is decided to continue creating small environments that improve common outdoor spaces. This is achieved by providing each of the spaces with their own personality, while diversifying the offer and revaluing the common spaces. Always starting from the pre-existing needs to reform, they are getting the creation of new spaces.


The volumetric configuration is given by the existing structure itself, but with the use of new finishing materials and coatings, their textures, their colors, together with the furniture and small decorative elements, they end up creating personalized and specialized environments to achieve different activities of relaxation, meeting, consumption ... diversifying and specializing the offer.



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