Mini Club

Creation of a new interior and exterior space for children in a hotel complex.

Technical Information

Built Project

Starting Date:            March 2017

Finish Date                 April 2017

Location:                     Vila-seca

Surface:                      365,40 m²

Developer:                  Privat client


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Photographer: Estudi de llum


The proposal is to renovate and expand the nursery area and the playground of a hotel. The original location is changed in order to create a larger space directly related to its own external space and separated from the rest of the activities.


The new space is a large clean and orthogonal volume, subdivided into rooms that are  connected to get different environments and activities.

The interior space is treated as a clean container with straight and pure forms, along with large glazed overtures to ensure natural light. The outer space, worked as an extension of the interior space, is configured as an outdoor play area where existing palm trees are used to integrate them into the design. The different colors, textures, topography, furniture and shapes of the materials are part of the same game, making available to children a scenario for their imagination to make it a rich, varied and fun game space.

It recreates, through a vegetal topography covered in recycled colored rubber, the scenario of some solitary islands about to be attacked by pirate ships that approach by the sea. The swings are relocated and the existing palms are used as a vehicle for the imagination.



Site memory 
Photo 17-10-16 16 47 02baixa
Photo 17-10-16 16 46 50baixa
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