Interior design of a restaurant to adapt it to the new focus of the property, creating a more spacious, intimate and pleasant space.

Technic Information

Built Project

Starting Date:            october 2017

Finish Date:               november 2017

Location:                    Vila-seca

Surface:                      137,15 m²

Developer:                 Privat client


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Photographer: VVArquitectura


Interior design project to change the image of a restaurant. The existing ceiling is eliminated to gain 1.20m of free height and obtain a greater sensation of volume, reorganizing the existing facilities to make them visible.

The space and the environment are redesigned with coverings, colors, materials, vegetal elements, lighting and furniture. Three tones are combined: white, black and  wood tone, present in many elements of the restaurant. With the combination of these elements we configure different environments with different heights, trying to unify the most practical and functional needs, with the aesthetic and environment that gives its personality and essence.

Site memory 
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