New building where, the optimization of natural light through the skylight of the stairs and open spaces, we create functional distributions to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Technical Information

Project under construction

Starting Date:             May 2017

Finish date:                 under construction

Location:                     Vila-seca

Surface:                       250,40 m²

Developer:                  Privat client


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Project Manager: Sergi Balsells

Engineer: Josep Maria Delmuns

Structural calculation: Josep Lluís Serven

Photographer: VVArquitectura


After we studied the possibility of rehabilitate the existing building we decided not to keep it due to the structure poor condition and we decided to build a new one. Once this decision has been made, the project tries to take full advantage of the freedom of a diaphanous plant and the optimization of natural light.

The program on the ground floor must satisfy three customer needs; access to housing, a space for a parking lot and a professional studio with multipurpose spaces. The first floor brings together the day use and works as a transparent space, with the stair core that acts as a light well. The second floor is more divided and is used for the night use program.

The main theme of the project is the optimization of the natural light coming from the rear façade -completely open to the inner courtyard- of the main facade.

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