open limits

Technical Information

Design and renovation of the hotel's outdoor spaces for multitudinous and versatile events.


Built Project

Starting Date:             December 2016

Finish Date:                May 2017

Location:                     Vila-seca

Surface:                       2019 m²

Developer:                  Privat client


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Photographer: Estudi de Llum


The project is based on the conversion of the sports area of a hotel complex into a multipurpose space for the realization of social events of varied format and diverse needs, which allows linking or not to the hotel through its own access.

The entire surface is reconfigured, allowing the creation of different environments with the location of the vegetation, that is understood as furniture that draws green visual limits.


To break the monotony of a slab of 2000m², three materials are used in the treatment of pavement, wood, ceramics and concrete, that generate different rhythms and allow  network of installations.

The sporadic use of events is compatible with a more regular use of the hotel's own garden space. The spaces are endowed with a specific use through the use of fixed and mobile furniture, auxiliary constructions, elements to provide shade and a pool that dominates the whole space. The treatment of artificial lighting is also another element of the design since events are also planned during the night.

On the center there is a large pergola, which plays with angles and lines bringing to the third dimension. This is related to the creation of a service area (bar, elevator and bathrooms) that provide the space with the necessary fixed infrastructure.

The final result is a multipurpose space, with a zoning that allows the organization of events of different characteristics.

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