With a very narrow corridor, the rear patio demolition and the creation of the central patio allow natural illumination and the depth of visuals, blurring inside the outside.

Technic Information

Project under construction

Starting Date:             January 2018

Finish date:                under construction

Location:                    Vila-seca

Surface:                      203,00 m²

Developer:                 Privat client


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Project Manager: Sergi Balsells

Structural calculation: Pere Alegret Fortuny


It's a rehabilitation project of a building between existing constructions with a very narrow bay; only 2.70 meters of free width. Once the building is analyzed, the essential problematic of the current housing is the lack of light. We demolish the auxiliary constructions of the back patio to get a more oxygenated rear facade with large windows to maximise the gain of light.

A vertical lighting relationship is also sought by demolishing the existing staircase and creating a staircase-patio that acts as a well of light that connects the entire house.

The program is simple. On the ground floor there is an area in the entrance as a garage and a room linked to the backyard. On the first floor there is the kitchen - dining room. On the second floor there are two bedrooms, while the attic floor is as a single open space linked to a terrace where you can access the deck. 

The structure of the building is reinforced by a compression layer of concrete connected to the wood beams to give stability to all floors. The main facade is only modified on the ground floor to allow a better access, while the rest remains the same. The transparency of the rear façade is achieved by the removal of the original load wall and the demolition of the later constructions, connecting the patio with the house and giving the sensation of interior-exterior permeability.


Site memory 
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