Ronda Universitat


Located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, the three offices gain free height by recovering the original roof of beams and ceramic vaults. They are redistributed looking for the visual connectivity between them and the optimization of the light and the space.

Technical Information

Built Project

Starting date:            Agost 2016

Finish date:               April 2017

Location:                   Barcelona

Surface:                     470,11 m²

Developer:                Privat client


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Photographer: Irenebel


The project is a restoration to upgrade of some offices located in the center of Barcelona, ​​in Ronda Universitat st. They are located on three different floors of the same building but they are treated by the same criteria.

We are in front of a typical corridor of the Cerdà extension, made of 7 levels and a delayed attic from the facade. Our intervention is located on the second and fourth floors facing the interior façade, and the sixth floor facing the street facade.

The recovery of the vault ceiling is the most important part in the process of rehabilitation and the historical value of the building dating from 1890. We opt for an open distribution by demolishing the existing walls to gain amplitude, light and to earn flexibility of uses.

The program includes reception areas, office station, archive areas, desk offices areas, meeting rooms, work rooms and multipurpose rooms. The divisions are created with glass enclosures that allow the passage of light into the interior and reinforce the idea of ​​content in the continent. The installations are functional and allow the versatility of future distributions.


Site memory 
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