Project under construction

Starting Date:             April 2017

Finish date:                 under construction

Location:                     Vila-seca

Surface:                       628,21 m²

Developer:                  Privat client

Technical Information

Sant Josep


House of 1880 located in the historic center of Vila-seca, where the heritage of the house and the annex at the back are rehabilitated, creating a dialog with a new volume of concrete.


The will of the project is to enhance the heritage of the original construction while eliminating reforms that have deteriorated architecture over time taking advantage of this to adapt the home to the current needs and requirements.


The rear part of the patio is connected with the neighboring yard, providing new visuals, which together with the construction of a new volume of concrete creates dialogue with the new garden and the annex rehabilitated. The original aesthetic of the building is maintained in the rehabilitated part, while in the extension part, we chose a different language that contrasts and emphasizes both parts.

The access and the original stairs of the building are kept the same, adding an elevator and a skylight. The ground floor is intended for access, parking and different rooms (workshop, warehouse, machine room and cellar). On the first floor we have the day use program, where the transparency of the new volume that contains the living room becomes a connector and establishes an intense relationship with the patio and the existing heritage. On the second floor there is the night use program and finally on the third floor the partitions are suppressed creating a single open space.

The new distribution has allowed the elimination of architectural barriers, creating routes and accessible spaces, following sustainability criteria. The roof is thermally insulated, the windows and balconies are new and the house has solar panels for underfloor heating and the contribution of hot water.

Once the building is analyzed, we decided to reinforce structurally the slabs and replace the necessary parts, while improving the performance of the building. In the annex the intermediate slab is partially demolished to create a double height unit space. The roof is rehabilitated by adding a layer of connected compression concrete that allows to maintain the interior aesthetics of the wooden beams. The original arcades are recovered and the existing porches are removed by retrieving the original image.


Architects: VVArquitectura

Alba Vallvè Salas

Pineda Vallvè Salas

Project Manager: Sergi Balsells

Engineer: Josep Maria Delmuns

Structural calculation: Josep Lluís Serven

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